Silvia Sanduleanu

Maastricht University, GROW School of Oncology and Developmental Biology, Netherlands

Maastricht University, GROW School of Oncology and Developmental Biology, Netherlands Clinician, scientist and educator with international experience in the prevention and endoscopic detection, diagnosis and resection of early gastrointestinal neoplasms.

Her team’s research significantly contributed to the recognition of the major role of flat colorectal neoplasms in development of post-colonoscopy colorectal cancer. She has led the Expert Working Group ‘Rightsided lesions and interval cancers’ of the CRC Screening Committee of the World Endoscopy Organization to create the standard nomenclature for interval cancers and has worked tirelessly to disseminate the knowledge and strategies on reducing postcolonoscopy cancer rate.

Actively contributed to the design and implementation of screening programs in average- and highrisk populations in several countries. Fostered new endoscopy techniques/ technologies (dye-based and equipment-based chromoendoscopy, confocal laser endomicroscopy) in diagnosis and resection of colorectal neoplasms. Lead author and content expert in several committees for development of international guidelines. Developer and co-developer of e-learning programs for endoscopy training.

Taught endoscopy to many generations of GI fellows, coordinated PhD trajectories and received international awards and grants for these efforts.
Current active efforts are focused on development and implementation of 21st century educational methods to optimize the quality and effectiveness of teaching. Together with the Academy of Endoscopy, Stanford University, North Western Chicago University and National Taiwan University Hospital, she developed and implemented educational programs grounded in the Science of Education, Science of Expertise and Mastery Learning.